• KUSBA PRO Nozzle Mount Accelerometer

Vs KUSBA, this now uses a superior LIS2DW accelerometer, and an STM32F042 MCU which is more reliable than RP2040.

Designed and open-sourced by XBST_  the Nozzle KUSBA PRO clamps to the nozzle of your extruder and measures the resonance where it most needed!

You just need to clamp the KUSBA PRO to the nozzle, measure the vibrations and resonance, remove the KUSBA PRO and that’s it! Perfect prints!
There is no need to remove the nozzle!

In fact, we suggest heating the nozzle to 50ºC so that the extruder fan kicks in. This will allow you to measure the resonances of the entire system with greater accuracy.

KUSBA Pro is equipped with the new LIS2DW Accelerometer!

Klipper USB Accelerometer KUSBA PRO is a solution that fits all printers with v6 nozzle because it’s a PCB designed to make Klipper’s input shaping much easier by simplifying the wiring and config for measuring resonances.
You just need to clamp this PCB to the nozzle and a USB C cable that we also provide (optional).
KUSBA PRO only works with v6 nozzles. It won’t work with Revo.


  • Printer parts in MJF
  • 2x M3x12 + 2x heat inserts + 2x tapping screws


This is it's own independent MCU, and is much more reliable than SPI over a wire.

Comparison to non-Pro:




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KUSBA PRO Nozzle Mount Accelerometer

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