The Huvud Toolhead PCB is effectively it's own little 3d Printer control board, with a single TMC2209 stepper, fan and heater mosfets, 32-bit MCU, and endstop/thermistor ports. The 0.61 version even has an onboard ADXL345 - no need to connect one when you want to run input shaper!!

PrintyPlease Huvuds come preflashed with a bootloader and Klipper, although you may need to update the Klipper firmware to match the version you're running. 

Buying from us supports the authors of the project.

It connects to the RPI via CANBUS.

This means that instead of running 14+ wires in cable chains to the toolhead, you just need CAN D+, CAN D-, +24V, and GND to the toolhead. Just 4 wires!!!

With only 4 wires, you need much less mass, and can potentially run umbilical (so, 4 tiny wires along the reverse bowden).

Key Features (V.61):

Simplifies Wiring for any extruder head down to 4 wires - Skip the wire bundle!

V+, V-, Can_H, Can_L

Designed for serial tunneling through CAN

Now comes with modifiable traces to enable direct serial thru the 4pin header

Uses a 32bit STM32F103 MCU

IO include:

  • 3x Endstop Pins W/ 5v
  • 2x Thermistor (Compatible with Thermistors and PT1000) REV 2/15/2022 Now using a .1% pullup resistor for supreme high-temperature accuracy!
  • 2 PWM fan outputs
  • Heater Output - 6A MAX
  • 4 wire Stepper Motor
  • Single-connector CAN+Power
  • USB connector for Flashing Firmware and can double as backup signaling
  • TMC 2209 stepper driver with digital current control
  • Indicator LED’s for quick status updates
  • ADXL345 onboard for easy input shaping and future features
  • CAN distribution board is currently in development which will combine same single-connector design for multiple toolboards on a single machine.

Changes from last produced set (V.5)

  • Added extra thermistor channel
  • Added 2x endstop channels
  • Endstops now support 5v
  • Cuttable traces on the backside now supports direct serial over 4-pin connector
  • Now comes in black!

Maz is working on a very helpful guide here: :)

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Huvud 0.61

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