The Picobilical by LDO is a mod designed specifically for the Voron 0 printers. The Picobilical is based on V0-Umbilical by timmit99 and retains its original advantages while introducing new features: 

  • Rear mounted toolhead PCB simplifies toolhead wiring.
  • The umbilical cable can be easily detatched from the toolhead - allowing the toolhead to be completely decoupled during maintenance.
  • On-board RP2040 microcontroller frees up ports in the main controller while greatly simplifying wiring.
  • Integrated 24V to 5V buck converter with max 5A output eliminates the need for an external 5V buck converter for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Two independent neopixel ports.
  • Selectable supply voltage (24V or 5V) for part fan and hotend fan.
  • On-board thermistor for chamber temperature monitoring.
  • Optional filament sensor input.

 What comes in the kit:

  • Toolhead PCB
  • Picobilical PCB
  • RPi gpio PCB
  • Pre crimped Wiring needed to connect the two PCBs
  • Misc screws and connectors

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LDO Picobilical

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