Voron V0-S2 Full Kit - With the option of RPi Zero 2W or RPi 4B at RRP!
These Kits are due to ship this week, and I'd estimate will be with me in the first week of May, perhaps a little sooner :)
As is normal, preorders will be subject to a price promise, so if they for some reason go down in price before arrival I will refund the difference :)

All Voron printers are built with CoreXY or CoreXZ configurations to reduce the amount of moving mass and allow for greater acceleration and speed.

Features and extras
Slide-in M3 nuts
Kirigami Bed Mount
Polyimide Film Heaters
200W Power Supply
E3D Revo™ Hotend
HIWIN linear rails for X axis
SKR Pico board (LDO Edition)
Slide-in M3 nuts
Anyone who has built a V0 before knows this feeling: you’ve almost reached the end of the build, and suddenly realize that you missed a preload nut. Now you have to take apart the entire printer just so that you can insert a single missing nut. Our slide-in M3 nuts solve this very problem. Check out the video below

    Since you can install these nifty nuts anytime and anywhere, a whole world of possibilities are now open for modders!
    Kirigami Bed Mount
    Many of you are already familiar with famous Kirigami mod by Christoph Mueller. LDO has already released hundreds of Kirigami kits into the wild, so it’s only natural for these to be baked into our Voron 0 kits. Why do you want this mod? Well the biggest reason for me is maintainability. With the original V0 bed mount, removing and modifying the buildplate, or the wires/cable chain connected to the build plate was extremely difficult. What if the thermal fuse blew? What if I want to install a different buildplate? Kirigami solves all of these issues and more. Not to mention our kirigami comes with a neopixel front light.


    PI Film Heater & 200W PSU
    The inspiration to use a polyimide (a.k.a. PI) film heater came from our friend Róbert Lőrincz and his Orbitron printer project. His experiemental data convinced us that this type of heater is the way to go. Polyimide heaters are thin and light and can be easily cut to different shapes. We’ve designed our heaters shapes so they cover as much area as possible with the build plate.

    Some of you may know that with the original buildplate, there is a large descrepancy between the reported and actual top surface temperature. The thinness of the PI heater allows us to embed a thermistor directly into the buildplate – which makes for far more accurate temperature readings. Can check Maple Leaf Maker’s Vidoe here for comparison.

    Additionally, we’ve bumped up the power of these heaters from 60W to 100W. For ABS print jobs, this will speed up bed heating considerably. But where will that extra power come from? This is where the new Mornsun 200W power supply comes in. Compared to the original 150W Meanwell PSU, the Mornsun power supply is only slightly larger and fits neatly under the Voron 0 deck panel.
    Next on the list, we are excited to introduce the Picobilical PCB mod. Picobilical is an in-house PCB design that iterates on the Tim Abraham’s V0 umbilical mod. Picobilical greatly simplifies and modularizes wiring of the Voron 0 toolhead.

    One of the biggest features of Picobilical is the addition of an RP2040 microcontroller. The microcontroller handles nearly all controls related to the printer toolhead so that wiring to the mainboard is kept to a minimum. As a side benefit, a large number of ports are freed up on the mainboard (mods anyone?) You can read more about Picobilical here.
    E3D Revo™ Hotend
    Last but not least, we are pleased to annouce the introduction of E3D Revo hotends and HIWIN rails to all our V0-S1 kits. We have collaborated with folks at E3D to bring the Revo Voron hotend to our Voron kits, starting with V0-S1. As part of this collaboration, LDO will provide the revo heatsink in a few colours while E3D will provide the rest of the hotend. (Blue will be LDO major color)

    HIWIN Linear Rail
    In the past year and a half, we’ve received reports of slightly wobbly rails on the X axis. To remedy this potential issue, we’ve decided to replace our standard X axis linear rail with a stainless steel HIWIN rail.


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    LDO Voron V0.2-S1 Kit

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