• Voron Tap Microswitch Edition

Everything needed for Voron Tap, Microswitch Edition!!


Works like regular tap but no 24V PCB flames included. Afraid the switches are not cheap so costs a bit more, but no voltage is involved in them just signal and ground. Precision is 0.001-0.002mm. 

Expected life of switch? Testing has shown it can start to lose precision after approx 500 print hours depending on enclosure temp and time.

Still comes with all the screws etc, obviously not the PCB or OPB sensor listed in the BOM below that I am too lazy to change



You have the option of a PrintyPlease branded 50mm Rail with high preload, these have been tested with Tap and perform well, or for those of you that want to go further, a genuine hiwin 50mm MGN9.

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Voron Tap Microswitch Edition

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